Annual return

Section 32 of the Teachers Registration Act 2000 requires an authorised person on behalf of the employer to provide the Board with an annual return relating to the registration status of all persons employed or engaged to teach at the school/workplace.
This requirement means that all principals, on behalf of the employer, must complete the annual return as of 1 July each year and provide this to the Board by the due date of 1 August each year.
In order to complete the annual return, principals are required to declare that they have checked that all persons currently employed to teach at their school/ workplace hold either:

  1. full or provisional teacher registration, or Specialist Vocational Education and Training (VET) registration or hold dual registration status (hold registration for the school and VET sectors)
  2. limited authority to teach (LAT) and are working within the provisions of that LAT
  3. written Board approval to teach under the provisions of the Teaching under the Supervision of a Registered Teacher Policy (names of those employed under the Teaching under the Supervision of a Registered Teacher policy are to be provided).